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Planning & Reporting

If you expect highly professional, no-fuss solutions with convincing benefits, we are speaking the same language.

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There's no need to worry about ERP projects getting out of hand. You can expect a clever methodology that has proved itself through its straightforwardness. 

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Organisational consulting

Unused optimisation potential costs money and limits success. That's why we really enjoy achieving significant improvements in organisational efficiency. 

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Recent research

Many business intelligence users are planning to standardise their often multifarious BI tools, sometimes obtained from different providers.

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Simply innovative

Steve Jobs had an idea, and smartphones suddenly became really simple to use – even though their technology had become more complex. But that's exactly where the future lies: In simplifying the introduction and use of increasingly complex IT solutions, if only for economic reasons. And that's what we do best.

Less is often more

Until now, innovation and simplicity have been treated as opposing concepts, because technical development has continually increased in complexity. However, Actinium combines innovation and simplicity by systematically avoiding all unnecessary overheads. We provide up-to-date IT solutions that are also surprisingly lean. 

Cleverly devised

Realising objectives more easily, therefore faster and more cheaply, is not left to chance at Actinium. We have developed methods to simplify complexity that allow our clients to reach their goals more quickly. For all our consulting concepts and solutions.