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IT Consultant: Wanted: A pragmatist with an eye for no-fuss solutions

Not even half of all companies are entirely satisfied with their IT consultants' performance, and they underline the need for less complicated concepts. In their mind, the ideal IT consultant is a pragmatist who has an eye for no-fuss solutions. According to a survey carried out by Actinium Consulting, consultants are also expected to assume more responsibility for achieving results. Answering the question about how happy they were with their... [more]


Too great a variety of business intelligence environments within companies

Many business intelligence users are planning to standardise their often multifarious BI tools, sometimes obtained from different providers. According to a survey carried out by Actinium Consulting, the aim of these standardisation strategies is mainly to concentrate on business intelligence competences and eliminate information islands. The survey also shows that around three quarters of almost 200 companies are deploying multiple BI systems.... [more]

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