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BI FitnessScout

Accurate choice of BI tools

Business intelligence is not an isolated technology, but a concept for a performance-oriented team game. This concept includes strategic management ideas, appropriate, economical software tools, technical infrastructure and processes that meet the requirements and above all, well-trained users. And the better the tools are directed as an ensemble in this complicated structure, the fitter the enterprise will be as a top team in business.

There are many business intelligence software tools on the market, but only a few will suit your specific requirements: In some cases for example, the cost of implementation is not economically viable, whilst other BI solutions lack the required functionality or the ability to integrate fully into a company's infrastructure and be congruent with processes: The are many different options, and there is a danger of scoring an own goal in choosing a tool.

Wrong decisions often only become apparent during the BI project execution, but then it is usually too late. Actinium's BI FitnessScout eliminates these risks. It is a tried and tested evaluation method leading up to proof of concept that systematically determines the BI software that best suits your operational fitness requirements. From a functional, technical and economical point of view. For all conditions for success to be accurately accounted for and to ensure that your company leaves a lasting impression on your competitors.

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