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Business Intelligence Consolidation

An intelligent approach for greater benefit

The more heterogeneous the technical environment, the more difficult it is to control and the more uneconomical it becomes. This is also true for the business intelligence (BI) environment in many companies. In the past, relatively independent initiatives launched by individual departments often resulted in BI measures being taken without following an overall objective. It is therefore not uncommon to find a wide range of business intelligence tools in use today although analytical data structures that have developed at a different rate create information islands and, as a result, undermine cost-effective, efficient management. In addition: Specific competences have to be allocated to all tools being deployed and users have to be trained, there is a multitude of different service contracts and cases of redundant hardware as well as an unsatisfactory integrated flow of information.

To eliminate costly consequences, business intelligence consolidation that aims at reducing heterogeneity by developing leaner BI infrastructures with improved integration and fewer resources is crucial. This should be cleverly designed so that BI consolidation can be carried out using the least possible effort as well as protecting the investments made so far.

Actinium has developed special methods that ensure a more concentrated, more economical approach. This includes proven migration procedures to consolidate the BI environment as well as the associated optimisation of operational processes. The benefits: By standardising methods and tools a completely new and, in particular, long-term cost-effectiveness emerges.

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