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Business intelligence ready for rapid application of BI4Navision

Technical projects often consume a lot of time and require significant investment until they achieve the desired effect. That's different for users of the Navision ERP Business Intelligence System. The pre-configured solution is already fully operable and normally requires only 10-12 days to complete implementation. Giving a very quick return on investment.

BI4Navision can be used over the web regardless of location. The solution guarantees that analyses can be carried out quickly. This applies to daily reporting as well as periodical sales reporting and other control requirements in management. It goes without saying that crucial information is always immediately available. Sales managers can click through important data such as sales volume or number of items. The drill-down-function of BI MediaPlus is capable of systematic, problem-oriented reporting according to identification numbers. The solution is also a perfect aid in planning, budgeting, cost analysis as well as production.

BI4Navision also has the advantage of being a cloud-based solution: It can be implemented quickly and the usual software investments are no longer required. Instead, this model can be rented for only a few hundred euros per month.

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