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CMDB Warehouse

Change Management is easy with CMDB Warehouse

Technical infrastructures with umpteen hardware and software components in a variety of versions and localities are subject to continuous change. The same applies regarding answerability. To achieve the necessary transparency and efficiently manage changes, we have developed the change management system CMDB Warehouse. It is one of Actinium's intelligent simplification methods.

CMDB Warehouse records and monitors all infrastructure components such as servers, software, routers, printers, amongst others, knows the location of each system including its maintenance requirements, makes licence and maintenance contracts accessible at all times, maintains critical supplier information and is precisely in the picture with regard to responsibilities. Technical error reports and personnel changes are also accounted for.

The ITIL compliant system helps to organise the technical environment. It is easy to maintain, can be implemented quickly thanks to its default value settings and includes an optional project management system. Other modules with pre-set solutions include ticketing and time sheet entry systems for project and IT controlling.

Convincing advantages of CMDB Warehouse: ► the perfect change management tool ► compliance documentation of all facets of the IT infrastructure ► automatically registers personnel changes through an interface to the HR system ► continuous mapping of service processes ►eliminates unnecessary licensing costs ► swift implementation thanks to various platform pre-settings ► optional integration of project management system

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