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Data Warehousing

Our Best Practices make all the difference

Company-wide analysis of decision-relevant business data stored in operational IT systems requires a data warehouse (DWH). It is the basis of all flexible and comprehensive analysis and reporting systems. Data warehousing serves two purposes: To integrate information from separate and differently structured databases to enable comprehensive evaluations; to separate such data so that it can for example be used by the reporting system, in controlling or to support decisions.

However, introducing or optimising the data warehouse requires a clear design characterised by best practices which not only fulfils the highest standards in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness during the planning stages, but also within the company. Due to its extensive practical knowledge gained in various projects, Actinium Consulting is ranked amongst the leading specialists. The consulting company's strengths also lie in strategic reorientation, redesign or consolidation of established data warehouse infrastructures that are always aligned to Actinium's simplicity strategy.

But that's not all: Existing DWH landscapes can also be evaluated in terms of performance quality in lean i.e. resource-saving assessments. The process determines cost and complexity drivers and also identifies further optimisation potential. However, it does not end merely with recognising such discoveries; these findings are used as a basis to design a procedure model for systematic improvement initiatives with lasting benefits.

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