Automated time savings, automated clarity.

Count on it.

actEasy makes handling data easy. A tool that serves you cleanly processed data and thus the basis for meaningful analyses.

actEasy brings together data from all areas of the company and also from different systems. This is where Industry 4.0 and digitization come in. Hier beginnt der Erfolg durch richtige Entscheidungen aufgrund guter Analysen.



  • All data at a glance
  • living data are included
  • Time saving in the preparation of analyses – up to 30%.
  • Reduction of “homegrown” data collections
  • What you dont’t need is omitted without replacement
  • System becomes leaner
  • Always on the pulse of time



  • Cost-effective hardware and software
  • 2 workshops to clarify the needs
  • yearly reviews


actEasy brings together, cleanses and standardizes data from different company divisions and different systems, from the Internet and ERP. This makes the evaluation easy for you.


Up to 30% time savings through automation, meaningful basics for your business processes. Arrange a no-obligation appointment, you will be amazed at what your data can do.