If you know how to grow your B2B company profitably, you’ve already won.

You can’t do without growth.

Profitable growth is a necessity for modern B2B companies.
actGrowth gives you a tool via analytics and AI to manage all value drivers in a way that optimizes results. This makes it easier and faster to manage growth with professional processes.

After an intensive data analysis, development and consulting take place in workshops. This allows the consistent management of the top drivers in marketing, sales, production, P&L and balance sheet to be started. It leads to stable profitable growth – from incoming orders and profit to company value.



  • Analytics and AI in all situations
  • Identify growth drivers
  • Step-by-step optimization
  • Improve the bottom line


  • Cost-effective software
  • Workshops
  • Cloud solution
  • AI, Analytics

Analysis and optimization

We analyze and optimize profitable growth using numbers, data and AI. Product markets, segments, customers, products, prices, sales, operations, P&L and balance sheet will be scrutinized. Duration approx. 4-6


actGrowth is introduced in the company. This starts the company’s focus on profitable market segments, acquiring profitable deals, selling the right products at the right price and building the sales pipeline. The company gets to attractive and effective financial leverage. Duration 3 months.


In this phase, the optimizations begin to take effect. The effect of actGrowth becomes visible in the key figures of the different areas. A continuous improvement of all processes within the next 3 to 6 months leads Strategy B2B your company step by step to profitable growth.